Why us?

A new dynamic, a collaboration of creative expertise all working together to deliver Meaningful and Beautiful solutions.

Meet Create Team

As a collaboration, we come together bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise of a very wide range of skills and experiences to your project.

Laura Crossett - Blurbox

Eilish Devlin


Eilish provides marketing and business planning consultancy, assisting businesses and organisations in developing effective marketing strategies and implementing promotional activities to communicate appropriate messages with key targeted audiences.

Laura Crossett - Blurbox

Laura Crossett


Laura produces creative design solutions in web, media and print that reflect the clients’ needs. Laura ensures all designs communicate with the target audience, using the creative platform that displays their marketing message most effectively.

Agatha Kisiel Photographer

Agatha Kisiel


Agatha provides photography services, offering both studio and on-location shoots. All commercial photography is produced for use as both high-quality high-resolution print files and high-quality low-resolution online files.

Jack Trzewiczek - inProject

Jack Trzewiczek


Jack T provides website design and SEO support. Jack creates user interfaces that both look great and are effective in meeting the targeted audiences’ requirements; he also ensures all clients’ businesses are found online.

Jordan Clemens PPCNI

Jordan Clemens


Jordan is a specialist with over 13 years full time experience in Pay Per Click advertising. He is a Google Ads certified online advertising professional who has been working with a range of companies locally and nationally to help them get great ROI from Google Ads in particular and Pay Per Click in general.

Depending on the Project we also work with IT developers, videographers, senior SEO specialists, social network specialists, etc.

Our Process

Our proven approach to deliver the success of each project.



This is the first step in the Create team getting to know you, your business, your clients and your competition.



We dive deep into your business sector. We identify the competition, market trends, end users, etc.  This is also the step where we discuss KPI’s, milestones and measurements that feed into the UI Design and UX of the website project.



Each Project is assigned a Project Manager, who is appointed from within the Create team, and who will deal with you at all stages.  The Project Manager will establish a project management schedule, with target dates for the various stages of project.


Time to put all the information and knowledge gained into visuals. The Create team will work to create quality designs, ensuring they are informative and immediately engaging.

Content Creation

The Create team will follow the style guidelines to start designing and developing all the content elements. This includes text, icons, images, photography, videos, etc.


Before final signoff we get the final review from our client and their associates. All comments and criticism are taken up to consideration.

At Create, our focus is to ensure all our branding and website projects are effective in engaging potential customers, to generate sales.

Therefore, we ensure:

  • A brand that will position the product correctly;
  • Packaging which will depict the brand and tell the back story;
  • Promotional materials which will permit effective engagement with the marketplace;
  • A website design that will be inspiring, engaging and easy to use and navigate;
  • A website layout will be cleverly thought out, ensuring the customer journey and experience will be simple and clear;
  • Content that will be informative, effective and engaging.

Some businesses we have worked with.

We have worked with these companies to deliver successful branding, design, photography, video, animation, website, and e-commerce projects.

Let’s Get Creating!

We will provide you with a professionally designed and effective solution.

Create are perfectly suited to meet the requirements of your project needs.  Our approach allows us to work closely with you to design and develop creative resources to aid in developing your business growth through the areas of marketing, design, website and creative content.

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